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Eye Treatments

Designer MyBrows
Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint
Lash and Brow Tint
Eyebrow Shape
Eyelash Perm
Eyelash Perm and Tint
LVL Lash Lift
Semi Permanent Lash Extentions
Semi Permanent Lash Fills


Short Semi Permanent
Long Full Head Colour
Long Full Head Foils
Long Half Head Foils
Top Section Foils
Additional Colour
Olaplex Bronze
Olaplex Silver
Olaplex Gold
Short Half Head Foils
Short Full Head Foils
Short Full Head Colour
Long Semi Permanent
full head colour
full head highlights long

Environ Facial

Collagen Power Facial 60 Min
Collagen Power Facial 90 Min
Collagen Power Precision Treat
Active Vitamin Treatment
Advanced Active Vitamin
Hydraboost Treatment 60 Min
Hydraboost Treatment 90min
Frown Treatment
Purifying Treatment
Cool Peel
Collagen Stimulation Therapy
Environ Manual Facial 90min
Environ Manual Facial 60min
Environ Event
Environ taster facial
Environ Perscription Facial
Environ luxury Perscription
Intense C peel

c-Cool Peel

c-Cool Peel x 6
b-Cool Peel x 6


c-Collagen Stimulation x 6
b-Stimulation x 6


Full Body
Upper Body

Jane Iredale

Makeup Application
Makeup Tuition
Bridal Trial - Insalon
Bridal Make Up - Insalon
Jane Iredale Event


Eyebrow Wax and Tint
Lip or Chin
Lip and Chin
Half Leg
Full Leg
Full Leg and Bikini
Bikini Wax
High Bikini
Under Arm
Chest or Back Wax
under arm


Dermalogica Express Facial
Dermalogica Facial
Dermalogica Luxury Facial
Genesis Ultrasound - Light
Non Surgical Facelift
Micro-Dermabrasion facial
Dermalift microface
Dermalift microface

Environ taster

Deep cleanse,peel,mask

Nail Enhance

Tip and Overlay - French
Tip and Overlay - Blush
Infills - French
Infills - Blush
Natural Nail Overlay French
Natural Nail Overlay Blush
Professional Removal
Nail Repair
Soak Off Extensions
Infills + Shellac
Nail Extensions + Shellac
nail extentions french


3 Years and Under Dry Cut
12 Years and Over Cut And F
11 Yrs And Under Cut And F
11Yrs and under Dry Cut


Eyebrow Thread
Lip Thread
Chin Thread


Swedish Massage
Back, Neck and Shoulder
Hot Stone Body Massage
Hot Stone Back Massage
Full Body Exfoliation Massage
Indian Head Massage
Hopi Ear Candles
Aromatherapy full body massage
Aromatherapy back massage

Shellac Gel

Shellac Manicure
Shellac Pedicure
Minx Foils on Toes
Shellac Soak Off
Environ body sculpt abdomen


Perscription Manicure
Luxury perscription Manicure
Perscription Mini Manicure
Reshape and Polish
11 Years and Under
reshape and polish toes


Perscription Pedicure
Luxury perscription Pedicure
Express perscription Pedicure
reshape and polish toes

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing
Ear Piercing
Ear Piercing
Ear Piercing
Ear Piercing
Ear Piercing £22
Ear Piercing £25
Ear Piercing £29
Ear Piercing £32

Sun Bed

3 Minutes
6 Minutes
9 Minutes
12 Minutes


60 Minutes
90 Minutes
120 Minutes
180 Minutes
b-3 Minute Session

Day Spa

Package A - 6 Hours
Package B - 4 Hours
Package C - 6 Hours
Package D - 6 Hrs 30 Min
Package E -3 hours


Cut and Finish
Long Dry Cut
Wet Cut
Short Blowdry
Curls / Straightening
Put Up
Long Blowdry
Short Dry Cut
Fringe Trim
joico diamond miracle


Dry Cut
Cut and Finish

c-Power 60m

c-Collagen Power 60m
b-Collagen Power 60m

c-Power 90m

c-Collagen Power 90m
b-Collagen Power 90m


c-Collagen Precision
b-Collagen Precision


c-Vitamin Treatment
b-Vitamin Treatment

c-Adv Vitamin

c-Adv Vitamin
b-Adv Vitamin

c-Hydraboost 60

c-Hydraboost 60m
b-Hydraboost 60m

c-Hydraboost 90

c-Hydraboost 90m
b-Hydraboost 90

c-Frown Treat

c-Frown Treatment
b-Frown Treatment


c-Purifying Treatment
b-Purifying Treatment


Full Session
Target Area

c-LM Full x 10

c-LM Full Session x 10
b-LM Full Session

c-LM Full x 20

c-LM Full Session x 20
b-LM full x 20

c-LM Target x10

c-LM Target x 10
b-Target x 10

c-LMTarget x 20

c- LM Target x 20
b-Target x 20

IPL Skin

Face - IPL
Face and Neck IPL
Face Neck and Chest IPL
Hands IPL

IPL AcneRosacea

Chin IPL
Nose IPL
Cheeks, Nose and Chin IPL

IPL Scarring

Small Area IPL
Medium Area IPL
Large Area IPL

IPL HairRemoval

Upper Lip IPL
Chin IPL
Cheeks IPL
Under Arm IPL
Bikini Line IPL
High Bikini IPL
Brazilian IPL
Half Leg IPL
Full leg IPL
Back IPL
Chest IPL

IPL Thread

Cheeks IPL
Cheeks and Nose IPL
Nose IPL
Legs IPL
IPL Nose and Chin

IPL Pig/Sun

Small Area IPL
Medium Area IPL
Hands IPL
Full Face IPL

c-IPL Face x 3

c-IPL Face x 3
b-IPL Face x 3

c-IPL FN x 3

c-IPL Face and Neck x 3
b-IPL Face and Neck x 3

c-IPL FNC x 3

c-IPL Face Neck Chest x 3
b-IPL Face neck chest x 3

c-IPL Hands x 3

c-IPL Hands x 3
b-IPL Hands x 3

c-IPL Chin x 5

c-IPL Chin x 5
b-IPL Chin x 5

c-IPL Nosx 5

c-IPL Nose x 5
b-IPL Nose x 5

c-IPL CNC x 5

c-IPL Cheek Nose Chin x 5
b-IPL Cheek Nose Chin x 5

c-IPL S Area 5

c-IPL Small Area x 5
b-IPL Small Area x 5

c-IPL Med x 5

c-IPL Medium Area x 5
b-IPL Medium Area x 5

c-IPL_Lge x 5

c-IPL Large Area x 5
b-IPL Large Area x 5

c-IPL U Lip 10

c-IPL Upper Lip x 10
b-IPL Upper Lip x 10

c-IPL_Chin 10

c-IPL Chin x 10
b-IPL Chin x 10

c-IPL Cheeks 8

c-IPL Cheeks x 8
b-IPL Cheeks x 8

c-IPL U Arm 6

c-IPL Under Arm x 6
b-IPL Under Arm x 6

c-IPL Bikini 6

c-IPL Bikini x 6
b-IPL Bikini x 6

c-IPL Hi Bkni 6

c-IPL Hi Bikini x 6
b-IPL Hi Bikini x 6

c-IPL_Brzn 6

c-IPL Brazilian x 6
c-IPL Brazilian x 6

c-IPL H Leg 6

c-IPL Half Leg x 6
b-IPL Half Leg x 6

c-IPL_F Leg 6

c-IPL Full Leg x 6
b-IPL Full Leg x 6

c-IPL Back x 6

c-IPL Back x 6
b-IPL Back x 6

c-IPL_Chest 6

c-IPL Chest x 6
b-IPL Chest x 6

c-TV Cheeks 5

c-IPL TV Cheeks x 5
b-IPL TV Cheeks x 5

c-TV C and N 5

c-IPL TV C and N x 5
b-IPL TV C and N x 5

c-TV Nose 5

c-IPL TV Nose x 5
b-IPL TV Nose x 5

c-TV Legs 5

c-IPL TV Legs x 5
b-IPL TV legs x 5

c-PG S Area 3

c-IPL PG Small Area x 3
b-IPL PG Small Area x 3

c-PG M Area 3

c-IPL PG M Area x 3
b-IPL PG M Area x 3

c-PG Hands 5

c-IPL PG Hands x 3
b-IPL PG Hands x 3

c-PG F Face 3

c-IPL PG Full Face x 3
b-IPL PG Full Face x 3


Rep Meeting


Olaplex Bronze
Olaplex Silver
Olaplex Gold
Olaplex In Colour

Consultation B

Consultation Beauty

Consultation H


c-LM PS x6

LM Perfect Shaping x6
LM Perfect Shaping

Environ Sculpt

Upper arms
Environ body sculpt buttocks
Environ body sculpt f thighs
Environ body sculpt b thighs