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Cut and Finish

Female Cut & Blow Dry
Male Cut & Blow Dry
Blow Dry
Female Student CBD
Male Student CBD


Permanent Colour Full Head
Colour Glossing
Permanent Colour Retouch
Semi short hair
Semi medium hair
Semi long hair
Retouch tint
1/2 HL/Semi
Few packets/tint
Bleach Application
Bleach Retouch
Full Head Hls/All over colour
Ombre/Balayage Full
Highlight Balayage
Freehand Balayage
Balayage Roots & Blend
Balayage Add H/Lights
Change Ombre Colour
Root re-touch with colour glossing ends

Woven Col & HLT

3/4 Head
Full Head
Half Head
Few packets
Top section Highlights

Hair Up

Hair up 45
hair up 60